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Masculinity by Design:
Finding True North

Empowering men to live again, believe again, lead again, and love again by pursuing God’s Design for Manhood.

Finding True North, Masculinity By Design

Masculinity by Design: Finding True North is a life-changing book. Use Promo Code MAN15 for a 15% discount off the book at Iron Stream Media .

Finding True North

Return to God’s Design for Masculinity

God is calling men from every tribe, tongue, and nation to return to His Design. In the last days, God will pour out the spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Jim and Mindy have a passion for men to return to God’s design for manhood, marriage, and family. In order to do that effectively, they plan to have their book, Masculinity by Design: Finding True North book and workbook translated into multiple languages because it will maximize the effect when a man can read this book in his native tongue. The first translation into Spanish for the book (Hombres Disenados por Dios: Descubriendo el verdadero norte), was completed in January 2024, and the translation for the Spanish workbook (by the same title), will be available Spring 2024, as well.

Jim is currently booking speaking engagements and events for churches and ministries that want to reach men at every age. His passion is to help them turn their hearts back to God the Father, and lead their homes according to God’s Design for Manhood. We believe this will restore hope in relationships, marriages, and families throughout the world. Please contact us to schedule James W. Bradford for events or speaking engagements.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.
Matthew 6:33

Because I was not raised in church, my foundation for what was morally right or wrong was nonexistent in my youth. I had no moral compass to guide me, and the needle of my life was spinning out of control. I needed to find God’s Design for my life. I needed to find True North.

– Jim Bradford, Founder of Masculinity by Design

Life is hard.
We can’t do this alone.
You need encouragement.
We are here for you!

You may be a carpenter, a contractor, a computer tech, a caregiver, a chef, a CPA, or a CEO. The title does not matter. What does matter is knowing that you have value, you are important, but most of all, you are loved by God. As you begin this journey of living the life God has called you to live, you need support. Our mission is to help support you as you walk through life. You are not alone, and we can help each other! Begin your journey today!

Finding True North

God Designed Men for a Specific Purpose

Masculinity is not just under attack; there is a concerted effort to marginalize it. As culture has embraced situational ethics and relative truth, men are losing hope and understanding of their purpose in both family and society. Life is hard, and we can’t do this alone. This book is a call to manhood as designed by God. Masculinity is not only needed but necessary for a healthy home and society. James W. Bradford reflects upon the lessons he has learned from his life as he intricately weaves God’s Word into the messages. Through his unique storytelling, he calls men to rise up and assume their role as leaders in their families.

Masculinity by Design: Finding True North is a life-changing book. (Also available in Spanish as Hombres Disenados por Dios : Descubriendo el verdadero norte).

Use Promo Code MAN15 for a 15% discount off the book at Iron Stream Media .

There is a companion workbook by the same title, designed for small groups or individuals who want to dig deeper into personal issues that men regularly battle. The workbook is an 8 -Week study. (The Spanish version of the workbook will be available Spring of 2024.)

Author Bio

James W. Bradford, a father of three, has spent his life passionately speaking to men about their call to manhood according to God’s design. Jim endured a challenging home life in his early years, met the Lord in his early twenties, and lived a life of trials and traumas along the way. Through continued will and determination, Jim has shared many failures and successes from his time in the military, president of three multimillion-dollar companies, and youth pastor to point others to the power of Jesus.

Mindy Bradford, a mother of two, is a retired special-education teacher. She graduated in 1989 from Asbury University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. In 2009, she earned her Master of Science in Special Education from Southern Illinois University. In church, Mindy has been involved in music ministry, children’s ministry, and short-term missions. She also has volunteered in various charity groups and ministries.

Finding True North

Are you looking for a speaker for your men’s event?

Are the men in your church tired, isolated, and numb to the things of God? Are they half-hearted in their commitment to your vision? Have they fallen asleep? It’s time to wake up!

James W. Bradford, co-author of the book and companion workbook, Masculinity by Design: Finding True North, is passionate about raising men up to assume their God-given leadership position, while walking as an Image Bearer of the Father-Heart of God.

For more than 20 years, Jim has mentored hundreds of men to walk in these foundational truths. As a leader in the construction industry, he founded and was president of three multi-million dollar businesses. This message was forged in his heart during the 1990’s while working as a full-time youth pastor.

His authentic, relatable, and raw style of tying scripture to everyday life compels men to draw near to the heart of God. James W. Bradford is an ideal choice to inspire men to ignite the fire within them.


Finding True North