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James W. and Mindy Bradford

Jim is the father of three daughters from Central Florida. He has spent his life passionately speaking to men about their call to manhood according to God’s design.  Throughout his life journey in the Army, as a youth pastor, a laborer, and president of three multi-million dollar companies, Jim uses the lessons he has learned along the way to share with his readers.  Jim came from a challenging home life in his early years, met the Lord in his early twenties, and lived a life of trials and traumas along the way.  Through continued will and determination, Jim used every failure and success as a lesson to share with others and point to the power of Jesus in his life. 

Mindy Bradford is the mother of two daughters from Southern Illinois. She is a retired special education teacher who is now fulfilling her lifelong dream to be a writer.  Mindy graduated in 1989 from Asbury University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education.  In 2009, she earned her Master of Science in Special Education from Southern Illinois University. Over the years, Mindy has shared her gifts and talents with the local church through music ministry, children’s ministry, short-term missions, and involvement in local church events. She also has been involved in various charity groups, including Right Turn Ministries, Feed My Sheep Ministry, Philip Hayden Foundation – China Orphans Outreach, Holt International Children’s Services, and Christ Philippine Mission – Scholarship and Feeding Program for Children.


Jim and Mindy reside in Southwest Florida, and have a shared passion for using their individual gifts and talents together in unison. They are forever grateful to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who delivered each of them from their painful past experiences. Through their life journeys, God used their individual stories to bless others. Truly, God does work all things together for the good of those who love Him!


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