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A Call to Manhood: Embracing Masculinity in Today’s Society

Manhood is a hotly debated topic in today’s society, and masculinity is under attack. Some argue that it is a vital part of healthy family and societal structures, while others view it as a harmful and oppressive construct. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, one thing is clear: there is a growing trend towards the marginalization of masculinity.

Situational Ethics

As our culture has embraced situational ethics and relative truth, men are increasingly losing hope and understanding of their purpose in both family and society. The traditional roles of provider, protector, and leader that were once seen as essential to the family structure are now being questioned and even denigrated. This has left many men feeling lost and uncertain about their place in the world.

Masculinity by Design

In his book, “Masculinity by Design: Finding True North” James W. Bradford reflects upon the lessons he has learned from his life and weaves God’s Word into his message. He argues that masculinity is not only needed but necessary for a healthy home and society. Bradford’s unique storytelling approach engages readers and challenges men to rise up and assume their role as leaders in their families.

Bradford is not alone in his belief that masculinity is under attack. Many prominent voices in the media and academia have echoed this sentiment, arguing that men are being unfairly targeted and demonized. They point to the rise of feminism and the emphasis on gender equality as evidence that men are losing their place in society.

However, it is important to note that the push for gender equality does not mean that masculinity is inherently bad or oppressive. Rather, it is about recognizing that men and women are equal in value and should have equal opportunities and rights. This does not diminish the importance of masculinity or the role that men can play in the family and society.

Healthy Family and Society

In fact, a healthy family and society require both strong male and female role models. Men can provide stability, leadership, and protection, while women can offer nurturing, compassion, and emotional support. Both are essential for creating a balanced and thriving community.

Ultimately, the call to manhood is about more than just fulfilling a societal role. It is about embracing the unique gifts and qualities that make men who they are and using those gifts to serve their families and communities. It is about recognizing that life is hard and that we cannot do it alone. We need strong male role models who can guide us, inspire us, and lift us up when we fall.

In conclusion, the marginalization of masculinity is a growing trend in our society, but it is not a foregone conclusion. By embracing their God-given gifts and assuming their role as leaders in their families, men can help create a healthy and thriving society. It is time for men to rise up and answer the call to manhood.

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